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Come to the museum in all its glory. Bjarnarhöfn shark-museum is for people of all ages. We explain the process and why the shark meat needs a six months process with a personal guided tour. We also tell you in a simple way about the Greenland sharks biology and the sharks important in Icelandic history. After the visit you can have a look at the drying house where the shark meat is hanging. And of cause you can try the shark meat inside the museum. Sharks are fascinating beings that are so different from everything we consider normal. So drop by and visit us.

A taste of the fermented shark for all guests!

Prices: Adults - 1800 ISK / Children 0-15 years - FREE

Great history and tasting.

Great museum with a talk about the process of making fermented shark. The guide was very informative and answered all our questions. The drying out house out the back was good to see them hanging after learning about the process. Try the shark. For someone who does not like fish I was dreading it but it wasn’t that bad. 

TRIPADVISOR, November 2018

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